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We’ve seen how busy the cubs are about eating and gaining weight, but cubs are still babies who sometimes play and cavort. In other words, the shenanigans continue.

Taco digs in the soft mud by the Cubby Pool. He may find insects there, but it’s also fun.

Here comes Angus Bear out of the culvert den. He had chased Highland in there and Highland scooted out.

Sage and Rosemary seem to be shaking paws in preparation for a round of fisticuffs.

Fisticuffs ensue. Meanwhile, their sister Sorrel is attacking a nearby sapling.

We’ve seen cubs attacking saplings before. Seems to be more fun for the cubs than it is for the saplings!

A cub head dangles out of the firehose hammock!

Thyme is going to pull that cub out of the hammock!

Almost successful – just another tug!

Yearling bears, like Heather are too grown-up for such nonsense!

Heather is getting chonky! She’s doing her job well!

She has endured a lot in her short life.

She spends her time eating and resting – good bear!