Dani Bear is Released!

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In our last post we reviewed the ABR “career” of Bear #262 (Dani Bear).  We promised the photos of the actual workup and release would follow.  Here is the rest of her story.


A big bowl of treats to tempt Dani Bear – she came into the Acclimation Pen to eat.

While she was eating her treats, the sliding door was remotely closed, confining her in the pen.  This made it possible for the TWRA officer to sedate her easily.


In the staging area, Dani Bear was weighed – she weighs a healthy 80 pounds!

Dani had gained  almost 56 pounds in just two months at ABR!


Her eyes are covered. A sedated bear can’t blink, so eyes are covered during workup.


Measurements are taken. Her fur is in good condition; most of the winter coat is gone.

Tom and David

Curators Tom and David load Dani into the transport pen.

TWRA posted a video of her release on their Facebook page.  Here is a link to their video.  We say goodbye to Dani Bear and wish her a long life in the wild.