Current cubs at ABR

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Although the 11 big cubs are off enjoying their new homes in the woods, ABR is still caring for 16 much smaller cubs.

Remember, all of these little bears are the same age, having been born in late January, 2011!

Our current residents in the Wild Pen (aka the large enclosure) are the 4 female cubs who hid in the underground den during the time that the TWRA officers were trapping cubs to prepare for their release.  These sly females are Sally, Sadie, Trixie, and Violet.

In the Wild Side Crib, which is next to the Wild Pen, are Lucy, Apple, Cade, Rupert, and Barrett. They will be next to move out into the Wild Pen.

Cubs in the Pink Palace now are Mandy, Grayson, Gracie, Autumn, and Sky.

And finally, in separate convalescence areas are the most recent arrivals, Benji and Garland, who are the smallest and most needy cubs of all.

All of these cubs will move out into the Wild Pen as they are ready, and the four females will be able to help them learn the skills needed when they, too, will be released next spring.

The photos are of Garland, the last to arrive.  He needs a lot of TLC and soft foods (yogurt, applesauce, soft fruits) that are easy to digest.