Andy to staging area

Cubs Released! – Part 2

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In our last post we reported that the sibling cubs, #256 Andy and #257 Eliza, were released a few days ago (November 4th).  We shared a history in photos of their stay at ABR from late June until their release date.  Today we have the details of the workups that prepared the two little bears for their return to the wild.  It is a series of steps that are followed each time an ABR cub is released.

Andy to staging area

TWRA Biologist Sterling Daniels and Curator Coy carry the sleeping Andy Bear to the transport cart.

Andy weighed

Andy Bear is weighed. He is a healthy 61 pounds!

Andy claws

Andy has nice sharp claws.

Andy teeth

His mouth and teeth are healthy. He is ready for life in the wild.

Andy's foot

Andy’s hind foot is a good size.  A bear’s hind foot is remarkably similar to a human foot.

Janet checks vitals

Curator Janet checks Andy’s vitals.

Andy collar

Andy is fitted with the GPS collar that will permit Coy to follow his travels.

Andy to truck

Andy is carried to the truck that will take him to his new home.

Eliza’s turn was next.

Eliza to staging

Eliza Bear is carried to the transport vehicle.

Eliza weighed

Eliza weighed 53.5 pounds.

Eliza checked

Eliza was checked carefully. Vital signs were monitored.

Eliza's eyes covered

Eliza’s eyes were covered to keep them from drying out.

Eliza collar

Eliza received her GPS collar.


Eliza’s foot is a bit smaller than her brother’s.

Eliza truck

Eliza goes into the carrier on the truck with Andy.

As you can tell, it is a painstaking process to ready these cubs for their second chance in the wild.  After the siblings were awake, they were transported to their wild home.  We wish them long and happy lives in the wild, where they were meant to live.