Cubs Released! – Part 1

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By clicking the link in our last post, you saw the three bear cubs casually enter the Acclimation Pen that had been stocked with treats to lure them in for a “passive capture.”  Curator Coy had not anticipated having all three of them corralled at the same time, although it was logical since they had bonded so well.  It was Andy and Eliza Bear’s turn for release.  They were being returned to the general area where they were found in June, while Finnegan was set to return to a different location, near where he had been found.

In today’s post we take you back through the four months that the siblings resided at ABR.  It’s a “trip down memory lane,” so to speak.  Hope you enjoy it.


How small they were! Andy and Eliza on their arrival in June.

At the time they arrived, Andy weighed just 13.2 pounds, and Eliza weighed 15.4 pounds.  They were very healthy, though – their mother had taken good care of them.


The siblings were housed in The Cub House for a short time.

They were released into the Wild Enclosure occupied by Finnegan.

Andy - July

Andy climbed trees in the Wild Enclosure in July.

Eliza - July

Eliza was a good tree-climber, too.


Andy and Eliza Bear on their seven month old “birthday” in August.

Eliza - Sept

Eliza Bear in September. She was growing and loved being up in trees.

Andy - Sept

Andy Bear had grown a lot by September.

It took some time for Finnegan and the siblings to become comfortable with one another, but as time went by they were more compatible and often hung out together.

Three cubs - Oct.

All three of the cubs foraged together, eating lots of acorns in October.

Eliza - Oct.

Eliza looked more like a bear and less like a cub by October.

Andy - Oct.

Andy, too, was looking more like a grown bear in October.

Andy and Eliza - late Oct.

This photo was taken just a week or so before their release.

In our next post we will relate the story of the workup and preparation for release of these two little cubs.  Stay tuned.