The six cubs at ABR are busy as little cubs can be, as they play, eat, and sleep. All of them are now eating Cubby Porridge, which is a combination of goat’s milk, Fox Valley Bear Milk Replacement Formula and Gerber baby rice cereal.

Brothers Casper and Shadow Bear are in one room of the Hartley House, where they engage in non-stop wrestling.

This goes on and on.

A new twist is to lie on their sides – perhaps to rest a bit while wrestling.

And then they are down for a nap – worn out from the expenditure of energy.

Next door, Jellybean climbs up the Climby Thing. He’s getting to be a good climber, but still has trouble with the dismount:

Maybe he needs a helmet? Good that he has a hard head! Note his roommates, Daisy Mae and Duke are tussling in the corner.

Now everyone needs to crash for awhile.

Peeps has a roommate too – it’s Baby Not a Polar Bear (BNAP).

During the night, Peeps kicked BNAP out of her Cubby Cave.


She is eating well, but doesn’t like the vitamins too well.

After a few words tor BNAP, Peeps goes back to sleep, alone!