The six cubs in the Hartley House are doing what they are supposed to do they are eating good food, sleeping when they are tired, and playing a lot – and they are growing!

Brothers Casper and Shadow have a late night snack.

They seem to really like their room in the Hartley House.

They play a lot, but being babies, they need lots of sleep, too.

Next door neighbors – Jellybean exposes himself to an attack by lying on his back.

These three cubs are on the go – up, down, over, and around. They are getting stronger and more coordinated. Good cubs!

Little Peeps is coming out of her Cubby Cave.

She is eating well, and taking the vitamins prescribed to help her grow.

Look at this! She is working on her climbing skills, which are improving, though she is still a bit unsteady.

Peeps studies her toes. She seems content to amuse herself for now, but the curators are anxious to get her in with other cubs her age. It won’t be long!