Today we will begin with the cubs – first off, the newest arrival, Jellybean Bear.

Dr. Cushing, UTCVM vet, examined Jellybean. He is a healthy cub.

Jellybean has a full set of baby teeth. He is older than the sibling cubs from KY.

Proof that Jellybean knows how to use those teeth – those are pieces of Dr. Cushman’s glove, shredded by the cub!

In the ABR Cub Nursery, Jellybean wrestled with Not a Polar Bear. He won all the matches.

He is eating well. Since he is so feisty and refuses to be handled, we hope that he is able to eliminate well, too. Usually, the curators use a warm washcloth to stimulate a cub to pee or to poop.

Siblings, Daisy Mae and Duke, would rather wrestle than eat.

Curators (dressed in black) try to feed the siblings. They didn’t like the bear formula, but Daisy Mae liked goat milk.

It was decided that Duke should return to UTCVM.

He was examined for signs of blockage. Look how much smaller he is than Jellybean!

Next came an X-ray.

The image was good – no problems!

The vets inserted a feeding tube and gave him goat’s milk.

Then, of course, a cone was needed to keep him from removing the tube. The cone and tube will be removed as soon as he is eating normally.

Tinsel and Twinkle are behaving like proper yearlings and foraging together.

They have decided they like to wrestle.

In fact, they like to wrestle A LOT! It’s good to see them having fun together!