It made us happy to see how the four cubs greeted each other and started to forage together “just like old times!” It was as if they had not been separated at all. They had played together in Hartley House, and they were right back at it in the Wild Enclosure. Since bear cubs are usually born as multiples (2-3 is most common, but 4 cubs in a litter is not unusual) these little cubbies are settling back into a joyful routine. They will be together in the Wild Enclosure until they return to their wild homes, and it may be that Doodlebug and Tater will join them later, or perhaps not. Time will tell what the curators decide. For now, though, the fact that there is a “family” of four cubs outside together is a good thing!

Cubs #1 and 2 are Tamale and Burrito. Cubs #3 and 4 are Thumper and Flapjack.

It is obvious that Flapjack and Thumper, who arrived earlier in the year, are larger. Thumper weighed in at 40 pounds when he and Flapjack went outside, and his buddy weighed 32 pounds. The two smaller cubs weigh right around 25 pounds each, so they aren’t that far behind.

It will be fun to watch the four of them interact as they try out all the fun things that they find in their Wild Enclosure – the Cubby Pool, the platforms, the swingy ball, the Tire Bridge, and of course, the tall trees. Stay tuned!