Cubby Birthday and a Special Video

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ABR has designated January 22 as the “official” birthday of every bear that comes into ABR. This date is roughly in the middle of the possible dates when bear cubs are born. So today we celebrate the 3-month birthday of Boudreaux, Beignet, Bluebeary, Hucklebeary, and Blackbeary as well as the 15-month birthday of Hartley, Sweetie, and Daffodil. Happy Birthday, Bears!

Our “poster cubs” for the birthday – the three Beary triplets. One of them is facing the other direction, but two are looking right at us.

Now for the special video – this one features all eight of the ABR bears. It’s not always possible to include everyone. As you know, we often have one or two missing. This time, everyone got in on the act. Click here to enjoy seeing 5 cubs and 3 yearlings, doing well at ABR.