Busy Cubs at ABR

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The Cub House at ABR is full of life – with 5 cubs in residence. Two of them are indoors, and the other 3 are outdoors in the Acclimation Pen. Let’s take a look at them.

Beignet and Blackbeary Bear are in the Cub House where they eat, sleep, and play, then repeat.
Bluebeary, Hucklebeary, and Boudreaux Bear stay busy in the Acclimation Pen where they eat, sleep, play, and nap – then repeat.
Yum! A cubby treat – fresh fruit sauces, as a new addition to the menu.

With the Cub House and Acclimation Pen being so busy and full, it’s a good thing that work has proceeded on the new Cub House. Fortunately, it is far enough from where the cubs and yearlings are housed that the work has continued. It’s coming along well.

The new Cub House is looking good. If needed, it will be ready for occupants before long.

It may be that no more needy cubs or yearling bears will come our way this year. But if they do, they will have a 5-star facility to welcome them!