CranBeary and his Den

The three Christmas Yearlings are adjusting well to their new home in Wild Enclosure #3. They spend some time together,
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Snooze, Nap, Rest, Repeat

The four yearlings at ABR are showing classic signs of pre-hibernation behavior. They take longer and longer naps, between their
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Happy Yearling Birthday!

Today (January 22) is the day that ABR has designated as the official birth date of all bears who come
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Settling In

As we shared in our last post, the three Christmas cubs are now outside in Wild Enclosure #3. It’s a
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All Quiet at ABR

Things have settled down and it is calm at ABR now that most of the cubs have returned to their
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The Four Cubs

After all the recent releases, the cub population at ABR is down to just four. Nettles Bear is in Wild
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