Six Cubs Doing Well!

ABR is caring for six cubs, all about two months old, though the differences between cubs born in January and
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Eclipse Day!

The solar eclipse was a non-event in Townsend, so if we hoped to see what effect it would have on
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In the Hartley House, the three cubs were reintroduced, and this time it went well! They set about the task
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Bear Cubs #398 and #399 Arrive!

On April 6th, TWRA biologist Janelle Musser contacted ABR about two orphaned cubs. It seems that their mother was killed
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Friday’s Update – Video

Today’s post is thanks to Curator Tori and the Facebook Live from earlier today. We get to see all of
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Different Stages

The COYs (Cubs Of the Year) at ABR, although the same age, are at different stages of development. In this
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