Keeping Cool

With the recent hot weather, the curators have been adjusting things and adding features to keep the cubs cool. Of
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Big Day for Tots and Jackie P!

Today was a big day for these two cubs who arrived with injuries. Tots had a broken arm and a
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Tots and SuBearu

Today was the day that Tots and SuBearu returned to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine for their
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Always Busy

Black bear cubs, especially the fourteen five-month-old cubs at ABR, are always busy. With the recent hot weather a lot
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Cub News

We have photos of all fourteen of the ABR cubs today, and a news item, too! The news item is
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Video – Cubs Having Fun

Here is Curator Tori with the Facebook Live Update for June 28,2024.She starts with the newest arrivals, the four cubs
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