Random Photos of Cubs

The trail cams in each enclosure capture photos at all hours. Here are a few for you to see and
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Eating and Sleeping, Etc.

The cubs are showing a greater interest in eating. Perhaps hyperphagia is beginning for these little bears!These three are chomping
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Busy Bear Cubs

In each of the enclosures, the cubs are busy doing stuff. One of the major things they do is eat!
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Hyperphagia is Coming!

Hyperphagia is the scientific term for the phase in a bear’s life when they eat and drink virtually 24/7 as
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The Move is Accomplished! (video)

Yesterday we shared the beginning of the move from Wild Enclosure #3 to Wild Enclosure #4. The six cubs who
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Moving to Enclosure #4

As we mentioned before, the curators decided that it would be a good thing to invite the six cubs in
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