Story of the Vertical Den

The four female cubs in Wild Enclosure #4 had an interesting experience with the Vertical Den in their enclosure recently.
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Early One Morning

Bear cubs have internal alarm clocks that cause them to be up and about early in the morning. Then they
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Heather Bear Healing Well

Heather Bear, the only yearling currently residing at Appalachian Bear Rescue, arrived on August 3rd after being attacked by unknown
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Cubs and Their Ways

One of the “T” cubs crosses the Tire Bridge. Note that another cub is snoozing on the resting platform. The
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Cubs vs Sapling

We have seen that bear cubs at ABR really like to murdalize saplings in their enclosures. The small trees, carefully
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Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Hyperphagia causes bears, including cubs, to eat almost around the clock. In case you’re wondering, yes, that happens in the
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