Beignet Meets Ice

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There have been a few days of cold weather, sufficient to freeze the water in the drinking tub and to a lesser extent, in the Cubby Pool. Beignet Bear found this confusing. No wonder, it was her first experience with ice!

While Boudreaux forages, his sister goes to take a drink from the Cub Tub.
Something is wrong – the water is hard!

Beignet tries scraping at the ice.
How to solve this problem? Maybe she can tip it over.
She checks the spigot, where the water comes into the tub.
It is still hard. Beignet can stand on the water!
Maybe the Cubby Pool is better – but it has a thin layer of ice that breaks and scares her. She takes a sip and then runs away.

Bears are very intelligent and curious. They are good at solving problems, but this was a problem that was too much for a little cub who had never encountered frozen water before. It was a good learning experience for her.