Beignet, Jessamine, King B

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Today’s post is about three of the four cubs in residence. We start in Wild Enclosure #4, where Jessamine and Beignet met by a tree.

We aren’t sure what was transpiring between them, but it looks like it might have been a serious conversation.
Are they comparing their heights? Beignet is pulling herself up to her tallest. If Jessamine stood tall they would probably be about the same height.

And now to the Hartley House to visit with Balthazar Bear.

King B really likes to play with that toy! Of course the fact that it dispenses treats may explain his interest.
He also likes to climb on his jungle gym. All the way to the top!
He sleeps a lot, and can sleep wherever he chooses. Even in the doorway between his rooms.
Later, he raked cedar chips into the culvert den and climbed inside to sleep some more.

Even though King B is being fed (and has a very healthy appetite) he is still being governed by the internal clock that tells him it’s time to hibernate or go into his deep sleep (torpor). He is in a semi-torpor mode, like the three cubs in Wild Enclosure #4, where he sleeps a lot, but is somewhat active, eating and exploring between naps.