Bear #370 Arrives!

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Bear #370 was rescued and brought to ABR by Ranger Greg, who had been trying to capture him for several days. As we can see, Sparky has the rumpled and disheveled look we’ve noticed in recent rescues. He is a yearling, about 14 months old, like the other yearlings in our care. When he was weighed during his exam at UTCVM, he tipped the scales at just over 9 pounds, which is about one-fifth of what he should weigh.

Sparky will be in the Cub House while he takes his deworming meds and eats a controlled diet to accustom his system to good food.

He appeared to be limping on arrival, but X-rays at UT revealed no broken bones, and it seems the limp was due to an abscess on his inner left rear leg that they repaired. We hope that Sparky will adjust to his new temporary home and will thrive and be ready to return to the wild.


Sparky Bear when rescued.

So now our yearling population has reached seven! Stay tuned!