A Big Day for HRH Rover!

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Exciting news! HRH Rover Bear is outside! We know that he is very happy as he gets to reacquaint himself with a proper habitat for a little bear. Rover had been making it clear that he was tired of being inside and wanted to go OUT!

Curators Cole, Bailey, and Reagan took Rover to the Release Staging Area for weighing. Good news – when he arrived a month ago (February 25th) he weighed 8 pounds. Today he weighs 22.6 pounds!Good bear!

Zoom! Heading out in record time!

Wow! This is a whole new world!

He climbed up to the resting platform. He’s a bit on the raggedy side, but that will improve as he sheds the winter fur.

The sleek black fur around his face is a preview of what he’ll look like.

Rover got busy and started to explore his new world.

Look at your new domain, HRH Rover!

We are sure he’s happy to be climbing again, at last!

A short stop on the way up.


Yay! now he can really survey his kingdom!

Meanwhile, the curators are finishing up the work in Wild Enclosure #2, so that next week Townsend Bear can go outside also!