After the successful fostering of Bits Bear, our attention focused on the two  neonates from South Carolina. Sadly, the little male, Pawley Bear, passed away this morning in the ICU at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

The seventeen-day-old black bear cub suddenly became very weak and his blood glucose levels were unreadable. The doctors tried to stabilize him with oral and injectable dextrose, but he continued to deteriorate and passed away. His body will be sent for necropsy, in hopes that the cause of death can be determined.

His sister, Carolina Bear, is currently holding her own, but cubs this young are so incredibly fragile that we can never be sure that our efforts or the efforts of the vets will be enough. We hope that we can keep Carolina alive and that perhaps a foster mother can be found for her,

Rest In Peace, little Pawley Bear.