Another Member of Clan Bear!

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On July 9th 2022 another rescued bear cub arrived at ABR! This is #360, a male cub the same age as the eleven already in residence. He is nicknamed Angus Bear, in keeping with the Scottish theme begun with the admittance of yearling Tartan earlier in the year.

Angus was reported by a homeowner in the Gatlinburg area who had seen his image, always alone, on their security cam for a couple of weeks. He was reported to both TWRA and ABR. TWRA was able to set a trap and watch patiently until the little cub was caught. His exam at the UTCVM showed him to be healthy, so he will spend a few days in the Recovery Center to be observed and take his deworming medicine. Then he will be moved to a Wild Enclosure, to meet his new cubby roommates.

Here is Angus when he arrived.

This is turning out to be a very busy year for ABR! Watch this space.