Angus Bear – the New Cub

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In our last post we showed little Angus Bear, who is Bear #360 for ABR. Here is some more information about the little cub, starting with a shot of Angus before he was rescued.

Angus Bear before he was rescued by TWRA.

He was taken to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine for his intake exam. He was pronounced a healthy, five-month-old cub, except for a few ticks that were removed one at a time.

Angus during his exam. The ticks are being removed.

On the way back to ABR, Angus took a nap.

A sleeping cub.

He will spend a few days in the Rehab Center, while taking his deworming medicine. Then he’ll go into a Wild Enclosure, to await his new roommates. The triplets currently in the Hartley House will be introduced into Angus’ enclosure.

Highland’s surgery is healing well, and he will soon be ready to go outside with his sister and brother. Since Angus will already be there, they’ll be entering what is already his enclosure. The curators hope that this will make for an easier transition, since the triplets might be a rowdy group of cubs, and could intimidate the solitary Angus.

The good news is that cubs as young as these usually get along well and form their own “family group,” even when not related. It will be interesting to see how they react to each other. Stay tuned to find out.