Appalachian Bear Rescue

Amethyst and Thunder, relaxing at ABR

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Amethyst arrived at ABR on March 3rd, and Thunder came in a week later.

Each of these little yearlings weighed just 10 pounds when they were admitted.

We reported about their shyness and hesitation at first regarding accepting another little bear as roommate.  As you can see from this latest photo, however, the two small yearlings have adjusted nicely to each other, and it appears that they are very comfortable together.

In the wild a sow frequently gives birth to more than one cub (2-3 are the most common numbers in a litter).  So little cubs are accustomed to being with siblings.

Our little orphans at ABR all have been alone when they are rescued so we don’t know how many other cubs were in their litters. It takes a few days, but they usually find comfort in the presence of another little bear.

Appalachian Bear Rescue