The trees out here are really BIG!

It took a few minutes for the cubs to move away from their familiar pen area, but as they began to explore their new territory, they gravitated to the trees, which are much larger than the tree inside the old habitat.  It didn’t take long before they were testing their climbing skills.  Climbing trees is one of the very first things a mother bear teaches her cubs, but none of these orphans had the benefit of climbing lessons while with their mothers for such a short time.  However, the skill is innate and bear cubs are naturally able to climb.  They instinctively know that by climbing a tree they can escape from danger, so they head for the trees when fearful or uncertain.  Often, cubs will sleep comfortably on the branches of a tree, as the wind causes he branches to sway, lulling them to sleep.  We call this the original “Rockabye baby.”