A Pile of Cubs

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Look at these little cubs, all piled into one of the culvert dens!

With the heaps of straw for them to use in making their nests, they can be cozy in cold weather, waking now and then to have some nourishment which will make them become ‘Chubby Cubbies’ like the 11 who were released a week ago.

Please remember that there are still 16 cubs in need at ABR, and you can help us to make them chubby enough for release in the spring of 2012.

How about a New Year’s gift to the ABR cubs in the form of an IGA gift certificate?  Go to the website for the Village Market in Townsend and you can purchase gift certificates in any amount, for our Curator to use when she purchases yogurt, fruits, and vegetables to make the cubbies grow chubby.

Thank you for your help and for caring for our little orphans.