When can we go out with the other guys?
Just hangin’ out

The cubs that are still in the smaller pen, called the “Pink Palace,” are not quite large enough to join the others in the large enclosure.   They still need extra food in order to pack on the pounds.  It’s interesting to realize that while humans normally want to be thin, bears are all about getting fat.  Their lives are a continuous feast-famine cycle each year -feasting during the summer and fall, and fasting during the winter.   This is the feasting time for bears of all ages and sizes, and for the bears in the wild, this year has not been good for feasting.  The soft mast (berries) crop in the summer was very poor.  The hard mast crop (acorns and hickory nuts) will soon be ready, but it may not be as bountiful as last year’s crop.  This means bears will be hungry and humans in bear country must be extra cautious about foods and food odors around their homes.  Please be sure that your home and yard do not have attractants such as bird feeders, unsecured garbage, pet food dishes, or greasy barbecue grills that may entice bears to pay you a visit.