Otto - Rollo

Updates on ABR Bears

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Today we have updates on almost all of the ABR bears.  Only Summitt was uncooperative about showing himself.  First, we’ll look at the two cubs at mealtime (again).  They are getting to be a bit finicky about their food.  No doubt that is a result of them learning that there is always plenty of food available and thus no need to rush when a meal is provided.  As usual, the cubs were high up on the platform before food delivery.


Otto and Rollo up on their platform.

Their food was slid into the pen through a gate.


Otto decides to climb down to check it out.

Rollo - Otto

Rollo watches from the platform.


It’s as if Rollo is waiting for a report about the food.


Otto reaches the floor of the pen and goes to find the food bowls.


Otto returns to the platform. The cubs will eat a bit later.

We can be sure that if they weren’t used to such a bounty of food both cubs would have hurried down to eat.  But at ABR there is plenty of food for both of them, and they have learned that there’s no hurry.  If there had been another hornet nest in the bowls, perhaps that would have made a difference in their enthusiasm!

In another Acclimation Pen, our newest resident, Hawkins Bear is resting and recuperating from his injuries.


He is spending most of his time on the platform in his pen.

It is painful for him to come down to eat, so Curator Janet devised a “dumb waiter” to get the food and water up to Hawkins Bear.

dumb waiter

Janet devised a dumb waiter system to feed Hawkins Bear.

This is another clever invention to care for the bears.  Here is how it works:

dumb waiter

Here is how the invention works to deliver food up to Hawkins.

The device is successful!


Hawkins Bear was able to eat without climbing down from the platform!

Only one of the Wild Enclosure yearlings appeared – Dani Bear rested in a tree.


Dani Bear in a tree.


Zooming in closer – Dani seems relaxed and at ease.

Summitt Bear chose not to make himself visible.  He’s out there somewhere, probably hiding in the underbrush.  Maybe we’ll see him next time.