The enclosure cams caught some good images of the bear cubs on the recent night of the harvest moon.

In Enclosure #4, the cubs, who still like to sleep together, were behind a leafy curtain.

They had quite a bit of privacy behind the leaves!

Doodlebug and company were on one platform……

…then they moved to another, giving the cam a better view!

Nugget is looking nice and chubby in the hammock.

One of the other cubs (Doodlebug, we think) shows Nugget that she is seen. “I see you!”

Doodlebug checked the construction of the hammock, perhaps with the idea of taking it apart!

Caramel Bear peeked at the boys in her enclosure.

She joined them for a while, but then….

…Deciding they were annoying, she moved to the far end of the platform.

Soon she climbed down to forage for a midnight snack. Good bear!