Two Trios Meet

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As we expected, it wasn’t long before the two cub trios came together in their Wild Enclosure.  In our last post we said the two groups were staying apart but we were sure they would  get together soon.  And get together they did. It seems that Trio 2 (Cherry, Ruff and Tumble Bear) are totally focused on eating, perhaps because they were not getting quality food before their rescue.  Trio 1 (Viola, Willow and Bosco Bear) have been at ABR long enough to have a more relaxed attitude toward food.


Trio 2 busily foraging.


Willow Bear came down to see what was going on.


Willow climbs down; Bosco is behind the tree.


Bosco and Willow Bear forage together.


Trio 1 forages together.


Viola, the smallest cub, works her way toward the cubs in Trio 2.


A little later, all six cubs were foraging in the same area. Only the Trio 2 cubs could be identified. Not all cubs are in the photo.

There were a few huffs and blusters exchanged, but it soon became apparent. that all of the cubs would rather eat than anything  else, so they did that, staying in the same area.  Sincere food is scattered throughout the enclosure, they could eat in different areas if they chose to do so.

The only yearling visible was Bumble B Bear.


Bumble B. Bear seems to survey his domain.

Magnolia stayed hidden as she so often does. We can’t complain, though – she is behaving just as a yearling bear should.  Yearlings, on their own for the first time, are shy and reclusive, hiding or climbing trees to avoid attracting attention and to stay safe.