Two more releases!

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Today, April 9th, two more of the ABR yearling bears were released into their new, wild habitat to have a second chance at a wild life.  We are happy to announce that Lucy, who came to us on October 13, 2011 weighing 25 pounds, went “home” today weighing 85 pounds.

Here is a photo of her with her adopted “family” a couple of months ago.

Appalachian Bear Rescue

The second release was that of Garland, our Christmas bear.  Garland came to ABR weighing 15 pounds on December 9, 2011.  He had some health problems, notably a bowel obstruction that required surgery.  He recovered well, and on his release today he weighed in at 90 pounds!

Here is a photo of Garland and his adopted “family,” taken in February.

Appalachian Bear Rescue