It’s hard to believe, but on August 2, 2023 ABR admitted two more six-month-old bear cubs. They were orphaned when their mother was shot and killed by a property owner. It is so sad when this happens, and it seems to be happening too often this summer.

The cubs, a male and a female, are #383, Puddin’ and #384, Caramel. They were examined at UTCVM by Dr. Cushing and his team, and found to be healthy. They will be on the usual deworming medication for a few days.

The curators had to get to work cleaning and disinfecting the Hartley House quickly, to be ready when the new cubs arrived.Our cub population is now 13! A Baker’s Dozen!

Puddin’ and Caramel Bear will spend a few days in the Hartley House before being released into a Wild Enclosure.

Stay tuned to find out what chaos will unfold in the very near future!