Two More Cubs!

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Yesterday (June 9th) TWRA officers brought two more orphaned cubs to ABR.  The male will be called Oscar Bear, and his sister will be named Annie Bear.  They came from the Gatlinburg area.  Since we know that all bear cubs are born in late January to early February, we know that these two are the same age as the 4 cubs already being cared for at ABR.   Because they have been in the wild until now, they are very feisty – Curator Coy reports that they huff, stomp, and hiss to show their dislike of humans!  This is a good thing, of course – it’s what we strive for.  They are about the same size as Boston Bear, with Oscar being a tad larger and Annie a wee bit smaller.  It seems that soon, little Boston will have real bear playmates, instead of just his stuffed bear pals.  Here are the first photos of Oscar and Annie Bear, taken by Coy soon after they arrived.


cub climbing in cage

Annie Bear is a good climber


2 cubs in culvert den

Annie (front) and Oscar Bear (back)


Cub showing profile

Annie Bear, profile view