Our very first Cub-Of-the-Year (COY) for 2023 went to the UTCVM for his intake exam. It went very well! Thumper is healthy, and at 4.6 pounds he’s a good weight for a cub his age.

Thumper likes his cozy little Cub Cave at ABR.

Look at those claws! The better to climb trees with!

Thumper was examined at the UTCVM.

We were happy to learn that he is in good health. His mama bear had started him off well!

At the age of ten weeks, Thumper already weighs half of what the recent yearlings weighed!

He rode to and from UT in our new Land Rover Defender.

In The Cub Nursery, Thumper showed that he can lap his formula from a bowl. This means that the curators don’t have to bottle feed him, which allows them to maintain more distance.

Curator Tom gives the Toy Brigade members a much-needed bath.

After their bath, the toy bears dry in the sun, to be ready when their services are needed again.