Three Lucky Cubs

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We posted yesterday about the incredible turn of events that allowed the three neonate cubs to be reunited with their mama bear. It was truly amazing, and everyone was absolutely thrilled with the happy ending to the unusual story. For those who are unable to view videos on their computer (or for those who would like to see more), we have some still pictures that were lifted from the video, and we share them today. We can’t get enough of this heartwarming story. Not only that, but things moved so fast in the video that it was hard to follow. In these still photos it’s easier to see details.

Mother Bear came to the opening. Her cubs were screaming for her, and she responded quickly.
The first cub was placed at the opening.
It took very little time for Mama to grab her squalling baby.
Mama Bear took the cubs, one at a time,to her den spot.

And so the family was reunited. We thank the homeowner who has allowed the family to stay under the house, as well as thanking TWRA and the repairmen who did their work and left quickly. This was indeed a miraculous ending to the story of the three neonate cubs that were the first of ABR’s Class of 2021!