The Wild Enclosure!

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April Bear was released into the Wild Enclosure a couple of days ago!  After proving that she was able to climb in the Acclimation Pen, it was decided to give her access to the adjacent Wild Enclosure.  What a treat for the little yearling, who immediately began to explore the new territory.  Here is the story in pictures taken by the recently installed cameras at ABR.

First, we see the gate to the Wild Enclosure is open.  April hesitated long enough to make sure that Curator Coy was not around.


The gate is open, but April wants to be sure Coy is gone. She’s still up high.


All clear – out she goes.

April Bear did a thorough exploration of the new space.


She checked out every part of the enclosure.


She investigated a culvert den.


April went in the den and then came out.


She climbed on top of another den.


April got into the den, but not for long.


She tried sitting on a very small stump.


The Cubby Pool, slowly filling, attracted her attention.


She hopped out of the pool and headed for the woods.

April Bear seems very happy with her outdoor enclosure.  For the remainder of the time she spends with us at ABR she will have the run of this natural environment.  When it’s time for her to return to the wild she will be ready!