The Six Cubs in #2

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They are a trip! The six cubs residing in Wild Enclosure #2 have become a real gang, and sometimes they are a little crazy. Let’s take a look.

All six are captured in this shot of the cubs in their drinking tub. Hey cubs, the Cubby Pool has more room for all of you!
Busy little bears – the cubs are full of energy.
Like cubs before them, these little hooligans like to play with the tarp.
It’s fun to play “hide and seek” behind the tarp.
A wrestling match between two cubs and the tarp is fun, too.
Will the tarp last? Your guess is as good as ours. We won’t bet on it, though.
The mayhem continues after dark.
Our little one-eared Sunflower Bear
They do run out of steam eventually and must recharge their batteries.
What a pile-up!
Firefly Bear peers out of the cubby pile.

When things get too hectic, it’s good to visit our calm yearling.

Sparks Bear relaxes on his platform and chews on a stick. We’ll end with this restful image.

The cubs and yearling are all doing well. The madcap adventures of the Enclosure 2 sextet continue each day and into the night, until, like toddlers, they collapse and sleep for a bit.