Thanks for Your Efforts!

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We are sorry that ABR did not win the 100 Cars for Good contest, but we did receive a $1000 prize from Toyota.  We especially want to thank all of our loyal supporters who voted on Wednesday.  We came in second, just 3 percentage points below the winning charity, TOGETHER WE RISE, which is a charity working on behalf of foster kids.  A very worthy cause, indeed, and we congratulate them on their success.  Yes, we are disappointed, but in addition to the $1000 we have received a lot of positive PR and many people who knew nothing about ABR have now learned about what we do and about our bears.  So that is a good thing.  We want to thank all of you who made the effort to vote and to recruit friends and relatives – we truly appreciate it. 

Here, for your consolation, is a photo of Rose, one of our current ABR residents.  She is the calmer of the 2 sisters, and we’re sure you’ll agree that she is a beautiful little bear.