Tamale and Burrito Bear were getting too big and rowdy for The Cub Nursery, so it was time to move them into Hartley House, where they will be next door to Thumper and Flapjack. The move took a while.

The brothers were in a carrier. Theoretically, we open the door and out they come.

A little encouragement was needed. Note that Curator Reagan is wearing heavy welder’s gloves!

Burrito is out!

Burrito heads back in!

No, Burrito! You’re supposed to be out, not back in!

Reagan uses the shaking protocol to get them out.


Hello! I know you!

The next-door neighbors are curious. Who is that?

Tamale and Burrito are curious, too! Who are you?

Cubby wrestling resumes. When these four cubs get together, it will be something to see! Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, in The Cub Nursery –

Doodlebug had a good day. Everyone is hoping and praying for this little cub!