Taco’s New Climby Thing

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Four month old Taco Bear is such an energetic little cub, the curators moved a couple of new climby things into the Hartley House as a challenge for him. He responded with enthusiasm, and started to use them right away.

He started out by pummeling a member of the Toy Brigade.

It was satisfying to him, to get the best of the toy bear.

Then he tackled one of the new climby things.

In no time, he reached the top!

Of course, it doesn’t take long for Taco to mess up his room! Calling curators – Cleanup in Hartley House!

Soon it’s ready to be messed up again.

Taco just wants to sit on top of the new climby thing. Maybe he thinks that puts him out of the curators’ reach.
He seems to be trying to figure out how the food bowls stay in place. Does he want to tip it over?

We won’t be surprised if Taco figures out how to upend the food tray with bowls in place. We wouldn’t put it past him!