Surprise for Cubs

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Curator Coy staged a wonderful surprise for our three little bear cubs, installing a small pool inside the Hartley House. Let’s see how they reacted.

The morning started like every other morning – with wrestling and eating.
The cubs moved next door when Coy came in to clean up after them.
Of course, there was wrestling going on.
The cubs enter the cleaned room to check out the food bowls. Although there are enough to go around, they simply must argue about them.
Amid the arguing, the cubs eat breakfast.
Meanwhile, the gate is closed and the other room is cleaned.
There were a few moments of calm.
Room 2 is clean. The gate to Room 3 is about to open.
Coy prepares the Big Surprise by filling the pool in Room 3!
Wouldn’t you know it? The cubs decided to take a nap!
Barley spots the open gate into Room 3.
Hops hesitates. He balks at entering Room 3.
The cubs are suspicious of this new addition.
They are also very curious.
There must be a break for sparring.
It’s such a BIG Bowl! We know they are trying to figure out how to dump it.
Hops gave it his all, but he couldn’t topple the bowl and spill the water.

It will be fun to see them figure out this big bowl and eventually learn what they can do in it. It will also be good practice for when they get outside, since each Wild Enclosure has a large pool for their swimming enjoyment.