Yesterday we showed you photos of our new yearling cub, Colton, who is living in the Palace crib for now.  Today, we will show you some of the work that went into the remodeling job that was finished, literally, within minutes of his arrival!  Our two hard-working curators, Coy and Rick, planned and built a wonderful “cubby jungle gym” to give Colton and other young bears in our care plenty of opportunities to exercise their climbing abilities.

Other remodeling tasks included a thorough cleaning and the installation of an additional door on the far side, to allow the curator to lift the door to the Wild Side.  This will allow a bear to go out on its own, without any contact with the curator, when it is time for him/her to be in the large enclosure.  This is a huge safety improvement.  In this photo, taken shortly before Colton arrived, you can see the door on the far side of the crib.