Raven, Chickadee, Sparks

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The two sisters have their own version of “sleep, eat, repeat.” They are awake in this post, and investigating something new in their room. Bears, including cubs, are always curious about anything new and will investigate it as soon as they notice it.

Earlier in the day, Curator Ashley hung a single firehose in the girls’ room. Something new!
When they came in, the sisters were interested in the new addition.
They soon tried it out and discovered that the tightrope was fun. Look at that balance!
In typical cub fashion, they get to work trying to take it down. Wonder if they will succeed.

How about the yearling, Sparks Bear?

There he is, sleeping on the platform in his enclosure. If not for the arrow, he would be invisible to us.
That’s all, folks! Sparks leaves the platform to go into the underbrush where he really will become invisible.

Sparks is behaving just as a yearling bear should. Yearlings are the lowest in the bear hierarchy, so they usually try to stay hidden. Sparks is being a good bear. The cubs, on the other hand, are not even slightly worried about whether they are hidden or not. Cubs just want to eat, sleep, and play – our cubs are scoring well in all of these activities. They are good bears, too.