It will soon be time for our cubs to return to the wild and take their places as the wild bears they were born to be. As we have seen recently, they are still eating large quantities of food, but there are more frequent times when they slow down to rest and sleep.

The curators prepare for the releases by opening the Acclimation Pens so the cubs get used to going in and out for food. This is the Pen in Enclosure #4, and Martha, Betsy, and Tamale are entering to eat.

They have made a nice ground nest at the base of a large tree.

In Enclosure #1, the Acclimation Pen is open. Look at all the peanuts and the red apple tucked on the platform!

All of that eating makes a bear thirsty!

Nugget investigates the space under the Acclimation Pen. It might be a good place to den.

Tater is more interested in eating. He has found a big, red apple.

Along comes Doodlebug. They are good friends, but Tater will not share his prize.

Keep checking for the latest updates as the curators and cubs get ready for release!