Because of family visits, we have not posted to the blog for a couple of weeks, and we apologize for that. Today we will begin to update you with this video from the end of May-first of June. You will get to see all of the cubs and yearlings. The only major change is that the smallest cub, Doodlebug, is now in Hartley House next door to the four rowdy male cubs. They are able to see each other through the gate/door between the rooms, and are anxious to get together. However, the curators are proceeding cautiously. Doodlebug is considerably smaller than the four rowdy boys, and she has been eating softer foods. The curators are now introducing some of the harder foods (peanuts and whole bear diet pellets) so that she will be able to eat the same things that the other cubs are eating.

Watch this space for the next update. We will be able to keep to a more regular schedule now that our company has left.