Noli on platform

Noli Climbs! and a Peek at Woody

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We told you that the curators were giving Noli a “test” to see if she could climb, because she hadn’t displayed that crucial skill so far.  Today we see that she passed with flying colors – yes, she climbs up and down as easily as any bear cub.  Here are some pictures to show the results of her testing.

Noli on platform

Look closely – Noli is up on the platform.

Noli on platform

She climbed up to get the grapes.

Food is a powerful motivator for a hungry cub.  She showed that she can climb up to get the grapes and then climb back down.

Noli yawns

After all that exertion, it’s time for a nap!

Meanwhile, our yearling Woody Bear made a brief appearance so that the curator could snap his photo!  This shows how far he was from the curator.


Woody in his enclosure.

The next two show him through the zoom lens.

Woody closer

Woody is a handsome bear.


He has quite a set of ears!

We expect that Woody will leave ABR soon to return to the wild.  He is behaving just like a wild bear should.