Next Up – The Fight Club Girls!

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The female cubs who were dubbed the “Fight Club”because of their daily bouts of fisticuffs and wrestling, had four members: the first three were a set of triplets, whose mother was euthanized because of her habit of stealing garbage, and eventually by breaking into cars to access human food! The story of the triplets’ rescue and arrival at ABR is told in this video.

But wait, there was another cub member of the Fight Club! Little Trouble Bear had arrived about the same time as the triplets, so the four females were released into Wild Enclosure #4, and they spent the rest of their time at ABR in that enclosure. This cub had a really unique and surprising story, as you will see in this video about her.

And so five of the ABR bears (Yearling Heather and the four cubs from Wild Enclosure #4) are now back in the wild, where they belong. Watch this space for the final chapters of the story!