ABR made the news again!

On Saturday, January 14, this article  – The Mountain Press – Trapped rescued safe  – made the front page of the Mountain Press.

The article relates the rescue of one of the first cubs of 2012 that were admitted to ABR on Friday the thirteenth.

We think they are “lucky” cubs, despite of the “unlucky” day.



Mike Stewart of Appalachian Bear Rescue in Townsend retrieves a trapped black bear cub from behind The Mountain Press office Friday. The orphaned cub showed up on Dec. 14 for the first time with numerous sightings in the general area. The bear was always alone. A state officer set out a trap Thursday with a honey bun inside, and the cub was in the trap the next morning. The THe rescue center will look after the approximately 25-pound cub, with a goal of releasing it back to the wild when it is bigger and can fend for itself. You can follow the progress of the bear — to be named either Pressa (girl) or Pressley (boy) — on the Appalachian Bear Rescue Facebook page. In the other photo, the cub looking healthier when first seen and photographed in December. For video of the rescue, visit our website, www.themountainpress.com.


Photos by Curt Habraken/The Mountain Press