Here is a shot of 5 of our large cubs, out in the wild enclosure.  Notice that one cub is coming out of the culvert.  The cubs use these culverts as dens now that the weather is getting colder and their instincts tell them it is time to hibernate.  However, they come and go in the “dens” until winter really sets in.  Another cub to note is the one that is standing up.   Because bears walk flat-footed, it is easy for them to stand on two legs, and they will do so often, especially when trying to get a better view, sniff, or sound of what is ahead of them.  We think this cub is just standing up for the fun of it.  You can see that all of these cubs have grown to be pretty big bears, weighing 70+ pounds, and they will probably be released into their native, wild habitat later this month.  Meanwhile, ABR has admitted a tiny, ragged, needy cub that weighs about 15 pounds and will need lots of food and a safe haven to spend the winter.