Mackie and Ripley revisited

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This is Mackie (yearling cub # 4) and Ripley (yearling cub #3) who came in within a day of each other in late January.

Both of them were scruffy and sad-looking when they arrived at ABR but as this new photo shows, their coats are looking much better and they appear to be in better shape.

That’s what good food will do!

Our curator tells us that when yearlings come to ABR their recovery period is much shorter than that of tiny “cubs of the year” — meaning, cubs that come in when they are 3-4 months old.

Even though Mackie and Ripley were deprived and on their own when found, their bodies are responding well to the nourishing food,  to medicine as needed, and to the safety of their surroundings, not to mention the comfort of another yearling cub as a buddy.