Lucky #13 – ABR’s 13th Yearling of the year

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Yesterday (Friday, February 24th) ABR admitted the 13th yearling cub of 2012.

He’s being called Junior and he is a cutie!  At only 12 pounds, he is just a little bigger than his new roommate, Stella, who came in a week ago at 10 pounds.

We’ve been asked how these little ones have managed to survive at such low weights, and it is certainly testament to their strong wills to live.

However, the chances are that all of these tiny yearlings weighed much more a few months ago when they were still with their mothers.  After being orphaned, for whatever reason, they lost weight because they no longer had the guidance of the mama bear, and because, as we have said many times, the natural food sources were extremely poor last year.

Junior, like Stella, will start to regain lost weight and thrive with the good food and supplements he will receive at ABR.