Lovey + Three = Four Yearlings

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Today we start with an update on our new little injured yearling, Lovey Bear.

He is pathetic looking in this photo taken at the UT vet school where he was examined after his rescue. Look how small and skinny he is!

X-rays were taken, and showed the broken femur.

Fortunately the fracture is a “greenstick,” making it easier to repair than a compound one that separates the broken ends further apart.

Lovey’s teeth are in bad shape. Luckily, these are mostly baby teeth that will be replaced by his adult teeth soon. It appears that the little yearling has not had access to high quality food. That will change now!

The Recovery Center, where Lovey has the two-room suite to himself.

The curators have lowered the ceiling to prevent Lovey Bear from standing or climbing, per doctor’s orders.

Peppermint and Mistletoe are energetic and love to play!

Look who is out in the sunlight – Nettles Bear!

Everyone is happy to see her out foraging in daylight! She has gained confidence and is more comfortable in her enclosure.