Little Bit’s Release – Part 1 – Preparation for Workup

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As promised, here is the first of our posts on the release of Little Bit Bear, which took place on June 28th, six weeks after she arrived, tiny and injured.  She was treated by Marcy Souza, DVM, from UT Vet School, who prescribed antibiotics to avoid  possible infection.  Curator Rick watched over her, giving her the medication needed and keeping her isolated for 3 weeks in our brand new Cub Nursery.  She gobbled up nutritious food, such as blackberries, apples, and grapes that were purchased from the Chubby Cubby donations from the IGA Village Market.  As a result of the good food and good care, her injury healed and her weight increased two and one-half times what it was.  There is a reason that some of these words are stressed in bold text.  Each of those aspects of her care and treatment could not have been accomplished without YOU and your generous donations!  Therefore, we can’t thank you enough for your support of our work with orphaned and injured bear cubs.  Thank you, friends and supporters!

 Here are photos showing the first step in Little Bit’s release and journey back to her wild life.  Park rangers appeared outside her pen, and her expression seems to say, “What’s happening?”

The dart stick is prepared.  This is the method they used to sedate her for her workup.

Next, the dart stick is used to give her a quick poke that will put her to sleep for awhile.

The tranquilizer works quickly, and Little Bit is asleep.  The workup will take place while she is sleeping.   Like anesthesia used in human surgery, she won’t feel a thing during the workup process.