If you recall, Hyperphagia is the scientific term for the “feeding frenzy” that strikes all bears prior to hibernation. True to form, the ABR cubs are eating quantities of food *especially nuts) and drinking copious amounts of water. Hibernating bears do not eat or drink during their long winter’s sleep, and they must be prepared. They also become gradually more lethargic, and their naps get longer. With these things in mind, here is today’s update.

Turnip looks for a good place to sleep.

And here is Puddin’. He is making a traditional bears’ bed by raking leaves into a slight depression on the ground.

The two cubs curl up together and go to sleep.

In the morning they were still there. It looks as though they have turned around, but are still sleeping together.

Turnip soaks in the Cubby Pool. Perhaps it feels good on his hurt paw.

All five of the cubs in Enclosure 1 are busy foraging!

One of the sisters in Enclosure 4 found peanuts in the pool after a recent “Peanut Shower.”

Nugget is still trying to prove her plumbing skills by dismantling the faucet.

An unusual sight – Tamale is actually taking a drink from the Drinking Tub!

What will these cubs think of next? Watch this space!